Go Live Checklist / FAQs for Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes are proven way to clear your extra inventory. With Profit bundles each and every customer order will be unique and different, a perfect recipe to go viral on social media. We have compiled a checklist of helpful tips from our experience working with brands in the past. So Let's begin!

  • Hide the Child Components : If you want to keep the mystery for your customers, here is guide on how to hide child components at various surfaces like emails, order status page etc.
  • Oversell Protection and Low Inventory Automations : App has built in automation that kick in if inventory of child items in the product pool goes low, this is to protect you against overselling, while maximizing the number of sales per mystery box. Here is a guide for details.
    • How much inventory should I put per mystery box in Shopify Admin? As we have set up low inventory automations to protect against overselling, we recommend to put a comfortable number, if in between inventory of child items goes low, then app will put the parent mystery box out of stock, so that no further orders are received.
    • I am getting a great response, I want to sell even more mystery boxes : When due to low inventory automations, app puts parent mystery box product out of stock and sends a warning email (please make sure to add an email of the person as your contact email who can take actions in the app), if you still want to sell more, you can update the product pool with items that are in stock and again add new inventory to the mystery box from shopify admin.
  • My ERP / WMS / 3PL is not accepting mystery box orders : This usually happens when parent product is not created in these systems and fetched shopify orders with unknown lineitems are not accepted in here. In this case we recommend to try Shell Fulfillment.
    • With Shell Fulfillment my orders with discounts are not getting processed correctly? This usually happens when you have created discount codes that specifically target parent mystery box product only, when app replaces it with child components in the order, original discounts don't apply hence resulting in partially paid orders. We recommend to modify your discount codes to be applicable to both parent and child items.
    • With Shell fulfillment my orders are getting marked "Partially paid" : This could happen if the cumulative sum of retail price of child components is less than price of the parent item i.e when app replaces the parent with a set of child components, app can add discounts if price is higher but it can't increase the price of any item as that is not allowed in shopify ecosystem.
  • Some orders are not getting processed by the app : some order categories like International multi currency orders, FB Instagram orders etc are uneditable in shopify. Meaning a 3rd party app like ours or even you as a merchant can't edit these orders. App handles this situation by creating a new associated order with child items and all the details from the original order to help you with the fulfillment.
  • How do I filter mystery box orders in my ERP / BI apps ? You can activate order tagging in the app, now app will add tags to all the order that will be processed by it. Here is guide for detail.
  • Can I upsell mystery boxes using my upsell app? Yes Sure, here is guide to set this up.
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