Handling Uneditable Bundle Orders

Sometimes, orders become uneditable in Shopify, which stops the app from adding the bundle's components to your original customer orders. You can click on the Edit button on the order's page to view the reason.

Some of the reasons why this may happen:

  • Multi-currency International orders cannot be edited
  • Any orders that have been created by third-party apps or sales channels like facebook, instagram cannot be edited.
  • Orders with local delivery as the shipping method can’t be edited
  • The customer address is invalid
  • Orders older than 60 days cannot be edited
  • Orders are archived
  • Additional payments can only be completed by the customer – there is no way for the merchant to take a payment on behalf of the customer
  • Automatic discounts can't be edited, added, or removed. Automatic percentage discounts will update to account for qualifying items that are added or removed, however.
  • Discount codes can't be edited or added. If an item with a discount code applied is removed from an order, the discount will be lost and the buyer will owe the difference.
  • Shipping cannot be edited/added/removed
  • Checkout doesn’t support wallets

Handling Uneditable Bundle Orders

To Handle these orders , you can go to settings tab , in the Orders Processing section enable the "Create New Associated Order"  setting. This is enabled by default.

Original Order Notes

Associated Order

By default if any uneditable bundle orders comes, app will create a new order from the details of the original order like Billing and Shipping address, a note pointing to original order number, Custom Shipping line at 0 price pointing to original shipping line and all the bundle components as line items added a zero price, along with the reference custom line items showing the original bundle name. For clarification, In the original order notes, app mentions the order id of the associated order.

A sample associated order created by the app, when original order was uneditable

For fulfillment related personalization (App Settings --> Order Settings), you can choose not to add original bundle reference, add original shipping rate.

This New Order can be fulfilled like your regular order, it can be sent your ERP, WMS or 3PL for packaging and shipment. No email will be sent to the customer. Original order stays as it is. No Modification is made to it.

Duplicate Order

In this flow, app will duplicate original order i.e copy lineitems at original cost, customer details, shipping and billing details from original order, as well as add child bundle items as new lineitems to the new duplicate order. App will also cancel and restock original order so that inventory of line items ordered will remain in sync. App will also add order notes to both the orders pointing to other order, so that there are no confusions regarding the fulfillment flow in the team.

An example of Duplicate order created by app for uneditable order #1048

This Duplicate Order can be fulfilled like your regular order, it can be sent your ERP, WMS or 3PL for packaging and shipment. No email will be sent to the customer.

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