Mystery Box Fulfillment Options

Mystery Boxes are one of the most popular type of bundles. They have inherent element of virality in them as every order is unique and customers don't stop raving about them on social media.

App Offers 3 Kinds of fulfillment options for Mystery box. You can update the setting by going to App settings and in Mystery Box section selecting the appropriate choice.

Regular Fulfillment

Regular fulfillment simply adds the randomly selected components to the current order. It is similar to regular fulfillment of bundles as well. With this if customer visits Order Status page or as part of mail sent for order cancellation / Return the Mystery Box Composition will be revealed to the customer, which could be hidden using simple code snippets, Please contact the support if you need assistance with this.

Shell Fulfillment

In Shell fulfillment app will remove the parent mystery box product from the order and add the picked mystery box components at a specific price. These could be helpful if your fulfillment service, 3PL doesn't recognize the parent mystery box product. The price of added components is calculated to satisfy the condition that amount paid by customer must be equal to cumulative sum of calculated retail price of picked components which will be added to the order (otherwise shopify will mark the order as partially paid). Distribution of discount if any will be determined by weighted price algorithm i.e app will distribute the discount amount among it's child components based on weights of retail price of these products so if a child component has higher price, discount attributed will also be high.

Associated Order

App provides a second option for Order Fulfillment of Mystery Boxes. Here App will create a new order and add the mystery box components to it at 0 price. New Order will have same billing and shipping address as original order as well as a note pointing to the original order.

We advise to do end to end testing mimicking live customer orders before the start of your Mystery box campaign to avoid any last minute surprises. Please reach out to us if you have any questions. We're always happy to help!

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