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Mystery boxes are all the rage right now. Mystery boxes are well boxes of random products curated around themes from “relaxation” to “witchcraft” — and they are thriving online. The fun part is that the consumer has no idea what they are getting in each delivery. They are very trendy at the moment and now is the perfect time.

Google trends chart for the term 'Mystery box' for worldwide audience for last 5 years

It’s the inside that counts. These “mystery boxes” are entirely DIY’d by the sellers, and shoppers don’t know what they’re getting until it arrives. Fans who’ve ordered them say that they feel more “personalized” than a corporate Birch or Bark, which rely on user data to make their selections.

Most Important element here is every mystery box should be unique. With Profit Bundles app you can create product picking rules, which will be followed while adding components to every order.

Customer won't see the included products while your warehouse team will have access to all the comprising products.

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