Upsell Apps <> Profit Bundles

Conversion, Conversion, Conversion that’s what is at the core of any e-commerce success and Upsell funnels are part of every best practice list for optimising conversions. There are mainly 5 types of upsell funnels available in Shopify i.e

  1. Product page upsell
  2. Cart upsell
  3. Checkout upsell
  4. Post purchase upsell
  5. Thank you page upsell

At all of these point of contacts are hooks where you can upsell products based on various rules such as line items in cart or order history of the customer.

With Profit bundles you create bundle as product I.e your bundle products are like your regular products so by design they fit perfectly into all of your upsell funnels , no code or any setting changes are needed.

For Post checkout upsell such as post purchase upsell and Thank you page upsell as order is already created you need to tell the app to process order updates as well, hence you need go to the app settings and activate “Process order update” setting. That’s it. Happy Upselling

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