Oversell Protection for Bundles and Mystery Boxes

Sometimes when we face a situation where due to low inventory of bundle components , we might oversell the parent bundle products. It may even lead to unsatisfactory customers. To protect against these kind of situation, app makes sure that relevant checks and balances are in place and merchants is aware of it before hand. 

To configure the setting, please go to settings tab in the app in the Automation section, enable the Out of stock Protection and Low Inventory Automations.


When Out of Stock Protection is activated , If a customer order is not feasible due to negative inventory of components, app will make parent bundle product out of stock and send error mail to the contact email of the store. In case of bundles this will happen if any component's inventory goes negative, for mystery boxes app will try up-to a certain number of times to pick products satisfying the rules laid out , in-case even after that a feasible picking configuration is not achieved then app will assume order is not fulfillable hence will make parent bundle product out of stock and send error mail.

Low Inventory Automatons

You can also enable any of the low inventory automations, here first you would need to define what number will be the definition of low inventory for your store. The recommended number here should be higher than the maximum number of items to be picked per product group for mystery box campaigns. If you are expecting higher order volume then this could be a multiple of the highest number of items to be picked for a product group. If app finds that an order meets the criterion for low inventory it will trigger all the automations defined by you.


There are 3 automations available in the app.

  • Send Warning Mail: Here app will send a warning mail to the contact email of the store to warn that future orders might be unfulfillable due to low inventory of components.
  • Make Parent Bundle Out Of Stock : This shall make the parent bundle product out of stock.
  • Don't pick low inventory components: This is only applicable in case of mystery boxes with variable composition defined, here will avoid picking low inventory items from the product pool if there inventory falls below low inventory definition.


For regular bundles and Fixed composition of Mystery Boxes Low inventory automation actions will be triggered if any component's inventory falls below the Low Inventory Threshold set in the settings. 

For Variable composition of Mystery Boxes, as it doesn't matter if few components have low inventory, as mystery box on the whole can still find other components to meet the its picking criterion for each product group. We Trigger the Low inventory automation smartly to optimise for maximum sales, if the total inventory of a product group falls below the threshold, we trigger the workflow.

But we are getting really good response for mystery box campaign and we want to sell even more?

Sure! If you still want to sell more mystery box as you are getting a good response from the campaign, you may again update the product pool with in stock products, save the mystery box and update the inventory to a comfortable number in shopify admin.

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