Guide for Demo Store

Hello fellow merchants! We welcome you to Profit bundles & Mystery Boxes app. This guide aims to resolve your most common questions about app and bundles in general.

Our aim with the demo store is not only to showcase what all is possible but also to introduce you to new winning bundles ideas across various niches which we have seen through our sales data.. However, the true capabilities of Profit Bundles app occur behind the scenes and are best tested through your own Store.

🛍️ Profit Bundles Demo store 🗝️ Password: BundlesRock

Why choose Profit Bundles

Bundle app for modern eCommerce.

  1. We offer always free welcome plan for all users to test the app. we believe in creating value for our merchants, that is why we offer unlimited bundles on our free plan, freely implement all your bundle strategies and only pay when you start making some actual bundle sales.
  2. 5 Star rated customer service which aims to resolve your queries within 24 hrs. We are obsessed with our customers and their success. That is why, we offer free 1:1 Onboarding session with our experts to listen to your needs.
  3. Our app is Built for shopify i.e it meets highest UI/UX Standards set by shopify design team.
  4. Extensive documentation and tutorial to get you started quickly.
  5. Bundles have their own page. We Treat bundles like any other product to improve discoverability and encourage bundle reviews.
  6. Installing the app has zero impact on your store's page load performance.
  7. These will be universal bundles i.e they could be sold omni sales channel including Instagram, Tiktok and even your brands's own iOS and Android apps.
  8. App has all the features to seamlessly integrate with your downstream system like ERP, WMS, ShipStation and more.
  9. You can fulfill these bundle orders inhouse or outsource them to a 3rd party service like 3PL, Dropship services or Print on Demand Service.
  10. These bundles could be One time purchase, subscriptions, pre-orders or Try before you Buy.
  11. Compatibility: These bundles are compatible with Shopify POS and Shopify Markets.
  12. Real time Inventory sync of bundle item when independent child sku's inventory changes due to an order, return or manual inventory change.
  13. Bundles could be of physical products, digital downloads or even a combo of both.

More questions?

Email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can within the next 24 hours. If you haven’t already, you might also want to check out the resources on our Help Center â€“ it's got tons of product info and answers to many frequent questions. 

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