App Installation FAQs

Q. What are USPs of this app as compared to other bundle apps in the app store?

Our app takes the approach of "Bundle as a Product" to set up bundles in your store. This gives us many advantages like

  • We don't need to add any code snippet to your theme, All you previous theme customization would work with bundles.
  • Bundles could be part of collections and they have their own unique URL, which you could tareget in your ads campaign.
  • Bundle could be part of your upsell funnels. They could be promoted on product pages, cart, checkout or even post purchase thank you page.
  • They could be sold on any sales channel like Instagram, facebook or even your own native brand's android or iOS apps.
  • You can create bundles that work with subscription apps.
  • We offer free forever welcome plan without any limited free trial period days like 14 day trial period.

Q. Could you explain a bit on pricing of the app?

Our app is created to solve the foremost issue when you are starting with bundles i.e how to setup a winning bundle strategy. So we offer unlimited bundles on the free welcome plan. You can freely test which bundles are working with your customers. This welcome plan is free forever i.e without any limited trial period. No Paywall will be encountered ever. We will process up to 10 bundle orders for free every month. When you have sufficient sales and you have grown out of free plan you can choose any paid plan.

Q. Do you have any tutorials which I can watch to understand how bundles work in your app?

Sure here are some good resources

Q. We have custom bundle needs, can we set up a call with your team?

Sure Please feel free to book a 1:1 session here with our team.

Q. Could you share some of the brands using your app?

Yes Sure many top global brands like Morning brew, PSD, LSKD, Ridge Wallet, Plug Tech, Good Good Golf, True Classic Tees, Jordan Craig Jeans, Barney Cools, Aquarium Co-Op, MJ Arsenal, Plae Shoes, Unspeakable Gaming, Mountain Khakis, Crooks & Castles, Hstl Made, Slam Jam Clothing, Izzy & Liv, Buffalo Jeans, Bad Birdie, KidSuper, Freddy Jeans and more.

Q. Will my mystery box remain mystery for my customers until they receive the shipment?

Yes, you need to add certain code snippets to various customer facing surfaces like order status page or shipping mails, which will hide mystery box child items. Please contact support for details.

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