Recursive selection for Mystery Boxes

Sometimes we need conditional picking of items from different product pools for example If Red Top is picked from Product Pool A , then pick Red Bottom from product pool B. Which makes sense as these both products go together for a customer who buys this mystery box. To achieve this first go to the app settings tab and in the mystery box section activate "Recursive selection for Mystery Boxes".

Next you need to follow these steps.

  • First create dummy products in shopify admin, these products will become bundles in the app and items that go together will be child components of this bundle. Make sure to keep this product as active, but don't publish it on any of your sales channel i.e it won't be available for customers to buy directly.
  • In the app create bundles for each of these pairs. Make sure to keep the inventory tracking on for them, so that app automatically manages inventory for this bundle with changes in inventory of individual items (Red top & Red bottom).
  • Now once the bundles are created, you can create your mystery box product in the app. In the product pool add these bundles as components.

Now when the order comes for this mystery box, app will first select the bundle from the product pool as per your picking rules, next app will check if selected items are bundles, if they are then app will replace the bundle item with the child components of that bundle in the order, so that final order would only have the selection intended by the merchant. Bundles are just an intermediary items, they won't be part of final order.

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