ShipStation <> Profit Bundles

Shipstation is a popular platform to perform shipping related tasks for all your orders. It can be easily setup to import orders from all the market places at a central place and you can easily create shipping labels from all major shipping providers such as Fedex, UPS etc.

Profit Bundles has native integration with shipstation i.e bundles created with profit bundles should automatically work with shipstation. Here are some common FAQs regarding using Shipstation with Profit bundles.

How do I Pass the Child Items of a bundle in Shipstation?

Once you have created your bundles , app will make sure to add the child items to an order if it contains parent bundle product as a line-item. These edits are part of Order Update and not original order created by your customer, hence in Shipstation you need to click on import button to pull this new data from Shopify. There is also a way to automate this process in Shipstation. Please read this guide from Shipstation's help documents.

I don't need to pass on the parent bundle product in Shipstation?

You can go to the App settings tab in the Automation section please activate "Auto-fulfill Parent bundle SKU in Order" . This will make sure that in orders your parent bundle sku is fulfilled which when imported in Shipstation will show quantity of 0. As there is a limitation of Shipstation that any order line item imported can't be removed only quantity edit is allowed.

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