Bundle Order Edit Type : Shell Fulfillment

If you want to remove the Parent bundle product from the order for accurate sales reporting or requirements of 3rd party integrations and add bundle components to order at Specific Price (Discounted or Fully Priced), you can consider this order edit type. Now the price of the bundle would be carried by each of the individual bundle components rather than the bundle parent product which no longer exist. 

Setting Up

Start by going to the settings tab in the app. In the Bundles Section, Under Order Editing Select "Shell Fulfillment" Option. This will be a store level setting and would affect all future bundle (previously or yet to be created bundles) orders.

Discount and Pricing

  • Both Order level discount and individual lineitem level discounts are possible. 
  • While creating explicit specifc product level discount codes in shopify please make sure if they are applicable to parent bundle product, then they should also be applicable to child sku's of that bundle otherwise when app replaces the bundle product in order with child skus, shopify will not apply discounts to the child lineitems resulting in partially paid orders.


  • In addition, every bundle component which is replaced with the priced bundle items may show up as a returned product (NOT refunded) in your analytics in Shopify. This is a limitation with Shopify's analytics where when an order edit is made and an item is removed, this is categorized as a return by Shopify's analytics.
  • The bundle product will be marked as refunded on the Shop Pay app.

We advise to do end to end testing mimicking live customer orders before the start of your bundle campaign to avoid any last minute surprises. Please reach out to us if you have any questions. We're always happy to help!

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