How to Set Up Bundle for Shopify POS?

You can now sell your bundles on Shopify POS Sales Channel as well. Bundles are automatically setup to be processed from POS, you actually don't need to do anything special 🙂

Auto Fulfill Bundle Orders (Optional) :  This is an in-app Settings under Automation section. For Context App usually modifies the order and adds the bundle composition products in unfulfilled State to the order and doesn't messes with your existing Fulfillment service, which does the order fulfillment later in the order cycle. But for POS Retail orders Fulfillemnt happens with order creation itself. So this can be helpful if you don't have a fulfillment process setup and don't want to do manual fulfillment for extra line items added by the app to Order.

Here app gives you a choice that you can fulfill all the bundle orders automatically, but if you just want auto fulfillment to happen only for POS orders and not the online bundle orders that can also be done.

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